Dr Claudia Loggia
Claundia Loggia
Dr Loggia is an Italian researcher, “imported” into South Africa in 2011. She’s currently Lecturer at the School of Engineering (UKZN) within the Property Development Programme. She does research on Green Buildings and Green Infrastructure for developing countries, at the construction, environmental and also social level, trying to build a framework for sustainable communities and smart cities.

She’s also a Green Star South Africa Accredited Professional with the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) and a member of the KwaZulu-Natal Sustainable Energy Forum (KSEF) Directors’ Board.
 Quote:   "Always be passionate and never give up. Enthusiasm, effort and sacrifice are my best friends because they push personal realisation everyday".
 Position:   Lecturer
Qualifications:   PhD (Building Engineering)
MEng (Building Engineering)
Discipline:   Property Development
Campus:   Howard College
Telephone:   031 260 1771
Research Areas:   Green buildings design and retrofit, Green Infrastructure, decentralised systems, renewable energy sources.
Publications:   C. Loggia, D. Hayman, V. Tramontin, C. Trois (2014) “Building thermal performance and energy management: a retrofit case study in Durban” Proceedings of the Eight Built Environment Conference (ASOCSA) held in Durban 26-28 July 2014, ISBN 978-0-620-60356-0

C. Trois, C. Loggia, V. Tramontin (2013) “Decentralised waste-to-energy as key strategy for systems integration approach towards energy self-reliant built environment in South Africa”. Proceedings of the international conference “Sardinia_2013: 14th International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium” ISBN: 9788862650281 and ISSN: 2282-0027.

V. Tramontin, T. Naicker, C. Loggia, C. Trois (2013) “Implementation of green measures in South African affordable housing. A methodological framework related to international best practices”. Proceedings of the Seventh Built Environment Conference (ASOCSA) held in Cape Town 28-30 July 2013, ISBN 9780620559843.

C. Loggia, V. Tramontin, C. Trois (2013) “Sustainable housing in developing countries. Meeting Social and environmental targets by "greening" low-income settlements in South Africa”. The paper was presented at the “Ninth International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability”, held in Hiroshima (Japan) in January 2013. The paper is in press in the International Journal of Sustainability Policy and Practice.

M. Argiolas, C. Loggia, V. Tramontin, C. Trois (2012) “A web application to support decision making process based on a bottom-up approach in public buildings’ green retrofit”- Chapter 8 in Handbook “Emerging Software for Interactive Interfaces, Database, Computer Graphics and Animation: Pixels and the New Excellence in Communicability, Cloud Computing and Augmented Reality”, pp. 83 – 93, Blue herons Editions ISBN: 978-88-96471-19-7, DOI: 10.978.8896471/197, Series Volume: I, Published in December 2012.

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